The color difference and pattern of natural marble are a kind of beauty,its natural and common, Marble is not an industrial product,its natural formed by millions of years.Its texture and color absorb the essence of nature. Different places, Different geological environments and Different geological layers will make the marble color and veins differences. It is just like the people all over the world, People in different places will be different, but each has its own beauty.


Natural texture and color is the greatest value of marble.that is why nowadays more and more man made stone products like ceramic tiles and artificial marble trying to imitate the texture and color difference of natural marble? Chromatic aberration can form a colorful combination and produce different effects in construction design& projects. When you admire them from an artistic point of view and create from the perspective of design, you will find that chromatic aberration has more possibilities and more intersting. Using good color difference can achieve more sense of hierarchy, space and rich beauty.


When you walk into Italy Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport and you see the marble on the ground, you will find chromatic aberration of the beige marble, dark spots, and crystal lines in everywhere. But as the famous marble kingdom ,why they still accept the color difference of marble? Since it is more texture, it is more resistant to seeing and more nature as it is.

beige marble color difference.png


When we cutting the marble tiles for the stone projects, we will make layout before packing. And as below pictures you will see that the similar color and veins will be placed in the same places,then number each tiles and packed together. When you install the marble tiles in your projects, you will easily install follow our packages.

The asian white marble(Chinese staturary white marble) tiles:                                                                       

China statuario marble-1.png

China statuario marble-2.png

Asian white marble-3.png

Asian white marble.png