Natural marble is the precious resource that nature has given us. It represents life. It will be exhausted by us like oil one day. Cream pearl marble, sunny grey marble, pure white marble, emperador marble and many other natural marbles are unique. The bright / attractive colors, natural textures, elegant temperament, are used by many architects all over the world for many famous buildings. Moreover, Currently all the stone materials have been developed and processed. Before processing, we have done calcification, chemical gas leakage, radiation compliance and other deep processing before entering the market.

Cream pearl beige marble gw.jpg

Sunny grey  gw.jpg

Now we have produced a lot of beautiful artificial marble. It uses the most advanced laser roller printing. This can make the products produced closer to nature. Each artificial marble texture is not the same. The surface brightness can reach 80 to 90 degrees. Hardness, density can also reach almost the same with glass, and it will not be penetrated. It is also very convenient to take care of it. It can be washed with water. Our family is already widely used.

artificial marble gw.jpg

In spite of this, both of them are in terms of price, or reflect the grade of the entire building, the two will never be able to compare the theory. No matter how advanced science and technology is, the vitality of life can never be performed.