Marble is one of the building material that elegant interior decoration requisite nowadays. Many people think that marble has radiation, so they don't dare to use this material. In fact, the radiation of your mobile phone is bigger than marble. Marble does have certain radioactivity, but generally through the national inspection of domestic and imported marble building materials radioactivity can be ignored.

Beige marble gw.jpg

Living room marble

Marble temperament is noble, surfaces is exquisite, burnish is silky have very strong decorative. A lot of families like to use marble to make living room wall background, marble passageway, marble dining-room.
black marquina gw.jpg 

Kitchen marble
Marble countertops are common in the kitchen. They are hard, but they are fragile. Its pattern is very beautiful, because it is natural,  so it has many kinds of grains. 
cinderella grey marble GW.jpg

Bathroom marble

Marble is the standard match of bathroom, if you feel too cold with marble stone grain in bathroom, can match a few warm color metal to balance a bit. Marble can be used from countertops to floors to walls. Marble makes washbasin also is this very popular practice in recent years. It looks very advanced. 

crystal wood marble gw.jpg